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The phenomena of doping in the consciouness of students specializing in sport

The phenomena of doping in the consciouness of students specializing in sport

Relevance: The question of doping is one of the most burning on the threshold of the Olympic Games. Activity of anti-doping organizations is rapidly increasing.
It is essential not only to increase the amount of information, but to form strong convictions among sportsmen and their coaches concerning the problem of doping.
One should start this process in educational institutions preparing physical culture and sport.

The object of research is the 1st -5 th year student of the Velikie Luki State Academy of Physical Training and Sport. The students‘ specialty is physical culture and sport.
The tasks are the following:
1. To analyze the contend of teaching materials concerning the problem of doping taking in sport
2. To value the students level of knowledge and find out their attitude to the problem of forbidden drugs taking
The following methods of research were used to solve the task:
1.Analyses and synthesis of scientific and methodical literature and findings of
the research.
2.Study of documents and Internet-resources
3.Polling (questionnaire)
4.Statistical analysis of data for study
The findings of the research:
Discipline Year of study

Speciality Quantity of hours
Sport medicine 4- year «Physical culture and sport» 2 hours of desk studies

Basic of medical knowledge

1- year «Safety living and enterprising»
«Pedagogies and psychology»

2 hours of desk studies
Pharmacology 4- year «Management of organization» 10 hours of desk studies
Fig. 1 shows that the students of the basic specialty get their knowledge in a shortened way.
So, one can make the following conclusions: it‘s impossible to give enough knowledge to students and work out concerning this question.

The majority of the 1st year students obtain the lions shave of information thanks to their coach (40 %), 2nd , 3rd, and 5st year students obtain it thanks to a friend (60 %,
33,3 % and 23,3 % correspondently), most of the 4th

– year students obtain the information takes to their school teacher. This means, that the Academy is not the main source of information.
Picture 2 shows answers to the question: Do you know the competitions where the students of our Academy take doping?

From 6,7 % to 13,3 % of the quizzed tells that they know some competitions where the students of our Academy took doping.

Picture 3 Students are theoretically ready Picture 4 presents the data, characterizing 6% students are theoretically ready to do it. students attitude to doping usage professional sportsmen.
As you see 58 % of the students disapprove of doping, 40 % keep to a neutral position, 2 % approve of it. This very 40 % of the students, indifferent to this problem, partly form breeding grounds for doping.

ready to receive 6% no 85% undecided 9% 87
Most respondents are sure sportsmen are to blame. As a rule, any sportsman knows about doping. There are very few incidents when forbidden drugs are taken against sportsman‘s will.

Picture 6 shows the possibility to win a victory over doping according to students opinion.

Positive answer is given by the 1st , 2nd , 3rd year students. The 5th year students aren‘t so optimistic. In over opinion, they penetrate more deeply in the very entry of higher achievement sport.

The following conclusion can be made. The problem of doping is caused by a lot of factors. The students‘ attitude to doping is one of the main.
So to solve the problem are shoved change the students‘ consciousness.

O. Morozova, L. Shvetz, E. Smirnova

The phenomena of doping in the consciouness of students specializing in sport

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