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Restaurants and cafes in Petrozavodsk: the quality of service

Restaurants and cafes in Petrozavodsk: the quality of service

The purpose of the work is to study the quality of service at Petrozavodsk restaurants and cafes. The goals include conducting the survey among the students, identifying the quality of service and making conclusions.

Guest service at restaurants is the most important factor for the success of any establishment. A restaurant manager knows that poor service can spoil the impression from even the highest quality food. The success of a restaurant menu depends on the dish serving. This critical moment not only experienced waiters, but also beginners should remember. People traditionally celebrate family and corporate events in cafes, bars and restaurants. There is nothing that spoils a good mood, as poor service.

We decided to conduct a survey among the students of the tourism department. We asked 3 three basic questions. They are: "What does poor service mean for you?"; "Have you ever encountered problems with the service in a restaurant or cafe?"; "What restaurants or cafes do you often visit?". The results of the survey were very interesting. We were curious to see and evaluate the quality of work in restaurants, so an experiment was conducted. Within one week we visited three cafes and compared the service provided. They are:
1) The Deja Vu
2) The Parisianka
3) The Good Meal
The following conclusions have been made. The appearance of all waiters are incorrect. The best qualified staff is employed at the Good Meal. The knowledge of the menu is the best at the Good Meal. Two cafes (the Good Meal and the Dejavu) provide the quickest service. Cleaning utensils and clean slots are represented at these two cafes too. The slowest service is provided in the Parisianka.

To sum up there are many restaurants and cafes in Petrozavodsk, but many of them provide poor service. It is a very serious problem. Employees should be attentive and know all about the cafe or restaurant they work in.

А. А. Коровина, М. А. Минина

Restaurants and cafes in Petrozavodsk: the quality of service

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