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Motivational attractiveness of biathlon for children 9-10 years old

Motivational attractiveness of biathlon for children 9-10 years old

Abstract: The question of healthiness of schoolchildren is very timely today.
In the data of ministry of public health the half of schoolchildren has a broken health.
One of reason of this is low physically activity - hipodinamia.
Modern schoolchildren living in big cities are spending many times by computer or TV-set. It has not good consequences for healthiness. An effective solution of this problem is regular physical activity. Physical education in school is very low for provision enough physical activity for children. Therefore, for healthy style of life of pupils it is necessary to doing sport regular. One of popular kind of sport giving various body-conditioning is biathlon.

It is necessary to know motivation of children 9-10 years old for doing biathlon for it becomes possible to improve the number of athletes in the team.
Objective of research: revelation of psychological factors, which motivate of children 9-10 years old for doing biathlon.

1. To research the reason of doing biathlon for children 9-10 years old;
2. To research the reason of refusal of biathlon;
3. To shape the list of recommendations for coaches. This list helps them to improve number of athletes in the team.

Methods of research:
1. It was devised special psychological questionnaires revealing main reasons for doing biathlon, reasons of refusal of sport and reasons of first visit in biathlon.
2. These questionnaires were completed by children 9-10 years old who doing biathlon. This process repeated 2 times a year. Total number of questioned children is 40.
3. Then it was statistical data processing
4. Then on the basis of findings was devised special recommendations for biathlon coaches which helps them to improve the number of athletes in the team.

1. Findings give allow saying that a main reason of going in for sports is presence of friendly cheerful team, ability to communicate with friends. 16 people (40%) are going in for sports because they know that in the training they have communication with each other and sport games. Not all children are doing biathlon for cheerful communication and games. 25% of subjects are dreaming of becoming professional athletes and to be Olympic champions. 8 questioned (20%) doing sport because they want become alike their older friends in sport. It is often when young athletes want to be alike with somebody from older stronger and popular people. And 15% go in for biathlon that learning ski, become strong and healthy. Of course children knew the benefit of sport from parents or physical education teacher.
2. Findings give allow saying that children think the main reason of refusal of biathlon is laziness (50%). 20% young athletes( 8 persons) thinks that their friend are refusing of biathlon because they have more interesting pastime. 15% of questioned children thinks the main reason of refuse of sport is absence of friends in the team.
And next reason is: there is a long way from home to the training, and parents have not got opportunity for leading their children to training ( 15%).
3. So it is revealed main reasons for first coming in biathlon. The most schoolchildren (40%) come to training at first time for interest or with friends together. 16 schoolchildren from all questioned call this reason. It happens that there are adult athletes at the school. Jung schoolchildren (25%) wish to be alike them and because go in for sport. The next frequent reason of coming in biathlon is recommendation of physical education teacher. And 15 % of all subjects doing for sport because their parents compel them doing it.

1. As a result it becomes clear that children 9-10 year old like communications with friends and outdoor games in sport the most. The coach must set up friendly team, which united not only trainings together but and joint events: competitions, team trips, walking tours and holidays together. For united friendly team it is necessary team events such as tea parties, walking tours, cleaning days, team celebrations, competitions, ect.
2. Many children are dreaming to be Olympic champions and it is recommending for coach to arrange more often competitions inside the team (1 time in 2 weeks) with awards of winners.
3. So coach can convince the parents of the benefit of biathlon. Thereby parents will stimulate the interest of children for doing sport.
4. Coach must be on friendly terms with physical education teacher because the teacher will refer schoolchildren to this coach for doing sports. It helps to coach to take a large team.
5. So coach must be worthy example for imitation. It is concern and appearance of coach and manners. Coach must be fair, benevolent and little strict.

Irina Kataeva

Motivational attractiveness of biathlon for children 9-10 years old

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