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Electronic learning and methodical complex as the element of the educational environment high school of physical education

Electronic learning and methodical complex as the element of the educational environment high school of physical education

Introduction. In conditions of development of processes of information of education, it is especial in connection with necessity of creation of uniform educational space, the high urgency is got with a problem of creation and an effective utilization of information educational resources. Last years within the framework of traditional ways of the organization of educational process in higher educational institutions the big distribution was received with learning and methodical complexes (LMC). Now the special urgency is got with a problem of creation of electronic learning and methodical complexes. It, on the one hand, allows to refuse necessity of development separate LMC ―from zero‖, on the other hand, releases teachers from necessity of creation LMC on discipline own forces and provides an opportunity of –designing‖ LMC from already available electronic educational resources and editions. In this case on the foreground the problem of search of a –open‖ electronic educational resource and development of a technique of its application in educational process leaves [1, 2]. The purpose of research – revealing of methodical features of designing and application of an electronic learning and methodical complex in educational process in high school of physical training.

Methods of research. During research technological features of designing of electronic learning and methodical complexes (ELMC) are revealed, the structure and model ELMC is developed, ―Modern Information Technologies‖ and –Information Technologies in Physical Training and Sports‖ are created ELMC at rates, methodical features of application ELMC in educational process are investigated.
Results of research and their discussion. Application ELMC in educational process is rather new direction of information of system of preparation of experts on physical training and sports. Application ELMC promotes maintenance of essentially new level of availability of education at preservation of its quality, to development of the educational environment of high school and its integration into information and educational space, creation of educational base for realization of idea of continuous education.

The important feature of designing ELMC is application of the modular approach. Modules of ELMC provides an openness of structure, an opportunity of addition and the further expansion of its contents, and also big –flexibility and variability of educational process.

The modular principle was used by development of structure and model ELMC. Structure ELMC includes such sections, as the description of a rate, the curriculum, abstracts of lectures and slides to them, methodical tasks for practical employment, control questions and learning and research tasks, the references, electronic resources, the dictionary of terms, distribution kits, author‘s data.

Use of the similar approach by development ELMC allows to expand considerably borders of educational space, provides an opportunity to students to receive the information in a mode convenient for them (―flexibility‖ of educational process), promotes acceleration of process of updating of the contents of education and increase of a level of variability of educational process. Taking into account, that structure ELMC is an open, important problem of the teacher there is a selection and ―designing‖ of educational modules, that is fragments of the learning and methodical materials realized in an electronic kind, for creation of a learning and methodical complex of a concrete subject matter.

Some features of application ELMC in educational process are revealed. So, taking into account, that one of the important problems of the high education is preparation of the qualified professionals owning modern knowledge in a subject domain, by development and application ELMC it is necessary to be guided by realization of requirements of the state educational standard. In other words, application ELMC should be aimed at achievement of those educational reference points which are allocated in educational standards. It is especially actual in a context of transition on educational standards the third generation by which development are guided by realization competence approach.

Other feature of application ELMC is their professional orientation, that is during training software and technologies of professional – applied purpose are used. It allows to create of the conditions for modeling of the future professional work of the specialists on physical education and sports during educational process. During training students seize opportunities of network technologies and modern means of the communications; master various technologies for the decision of professional – applied problems; receive representation about methods of information (computer) modeling, etc.

The important feature of application ELMC is the opportunity of realization of the differentiated approach in educational process. Already at development cycle ELMC it is important to provide an accessible statement of a teaching material of the raised complexity with a possibility of a choice of an individual trajectory of training, to reflect great volume of theoretical concepts of their logic interrelation, and also to realize enough great volume of research tasks of various complexity [2]. Conclusion. Thus, electronic learning and methodical complex represents new means of training which allows to open educational potential of modern information and communication technologies. At designing ELMC alongside with didactic principles it is necessary to take into account principles of interactivity, potential redundancy of the educational information, nonlinearity of information structures and the processes, the combined application of various forms of training, complex use of diverse computer means.

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2. Krechetnikov, K.G. Methodology of designing, estimations of quality and application of means of information technologies of Education / K.G.Krechetnikov. –M.: State Coordinate Centre, 2002. – 244 p.

O. Ju. Komarov, A.I. Fyodorov

Electronic learning and methodical complex as the element of the educational environment high school of physical education

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