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Developing players according to their psychological features

Developing players according to their psychological features

Russian State University of Physical Education Sport, Youth and Tourism, Russia A distinctive feature of Russian tennis is a high level of professionalism among children. This professionalism is expressed in high-volume training and regular participation in a large number of competitions with intense rivalry. Therefore proper training should consider age-related particularities of young players. This will help to improve their current results, prepare them for future activities in the context of growing stress and also preserve and strengthen children‘s mental health, i. e. keep them healthy.

Children undergo the first stage of the Russian Junior National Team selection tests at the age of 10-12.

A review competition had been practiced in our country as one of the stages of the National Team selection for 20 years. Throughout this period a very positive experience has been accumulated and now it‘s time to revive this tradition. Indeed participation in a review competition offers an opportunity to thousands of children to come in view of National Team coaches and experts. A review competition gives often a unique opportunity for provincial children and their coaches to undergo scientific examination, get expert advice and also confirm their choice.

It is also important to identify using scientific achievements and practical evidence the most promising boys and girls and also draw up the ways of further individualization of their training, assure environment encouraging their advancement and elaborate strict training monitoring system.

We therefore aim to suggest a way to identify individual and age-related particularities of young players at the age of 10-12 and elaborate practical guidelines for their selection and mental conditioning. This is one of the mission tasks which helps to improve the efficiency of the competition activity and the training process in tennis.

Leonid Ivanov

Developing players according to their psychological features

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