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Complaints at hotels. Classification

Complaints at hotels. Classification

The theme of the report is the classification of complaints at hotels. The main purpose of the report is to prove that complaint-handling practices help to develop the hotel industry. And the second one is to show that complaints are widely spread.

Hotel staff has to understand that skillful dealing with complaints can become a huge benefit for the company. Complaints do not only reveal weak places in business, but also allow to find new ways of earnings, feel changes in the market, and quickly make amendments. Sometimes dealing with complaints helps to make important strategic decisions.

Many hotels underestimate effect of "word of mouth" advertising. Five times more people do not complaint, but they inform friends and acquaintances about poor service they have experienced. For example, if one person says that the staff "was impolite", the second and third will exaggerate, and say that employees were boor and rude. Clients' complaints is a source of information about customers' satisfaction, their processing allows to take measures for service improvement.

The following classification of typical complaints is represented in the report:
- insufficiently attentive personnel,
- incorrect description of room facilities,
- room reservation and booking failures,
- uncomfortable temperature in rooms,
- increased noise level,
- inconvenient beds,
- high prices,
- slow service.

In the majority of hotels personnel manages to register each complaint and to turn it into incentive of further improvement of service quality. It is possible thanks to information technologies. Complaints are registered centrally in a corporate hotel network so the management of a hotel has an opportunity to analyze and establish the reasons.

Some unusual complaints are gathered in the paper, for example:

A complaint of a visitor who was locked in his own room. The staff found out that anything terrible didn't occur. The woman, who had never stayed at hotels, read the doorplate. The inscription said: "Do not disturb". The visitor decided that she didn't have to open the door.

One more incident is connected with the group of ufologists who gathered for the conference at a hotel. Delegates were afraid that aliens will get into the conference room.

Another male tourist, on holiday in Majorca, he claimed that the number of bikini-clad women on the beach caused a fall-out between him and his wife.

To make a conclusion, hotel staff should know what complaints they can face at hotels. Complaints help to understand, what service is necessary for guests and how to make work of a hotel better. Prestige of any hotel depends on the level of guests' satisfaction. To investigate this theme is very significant for the hotel business and the sphere of service.

А. В. Телятьев, А. А. Малахина

Complaints at hotels. Classification

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